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Fitoplan J-Series Fitoplan J-Series

This system is equipped with a PLC and controlled by a PC software with data logger functionality. The growing data are stored in the PLC. The standard module is of multiple of 6 cylinders. These systems have been optimized for the production of a particular species of microalgae, universally utilized in this field like Nannochloropsis strain obtaining variable daily productivities, depending on the strain, between 0.3 and 0.5 g/L/day. The system records the data from the resident probes like temperature, pH, air flow, coolant temperature and shows on/off lamps ststus. The system includes programmable allarms and is connected via wi-fi or ethernet cable to a standard PC, notebook or tablet. Lamps are controlled via “Dali” multilamp protocol. Maximum number of cylinder in a single jumbo cluster is 60. Multiple Jumbo clusters could be controlled with a SCADA software system on a big LCD dysplay

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