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This system is equipped with a PLC and controlled by a PC software with data logger functionality. The growing data are stored in the PLC. The standard module is of multiple of 6 cylinders. These systems have been optimized for the production of a particular species of microalgae, universally utilized in this fi eld like Nannochloropsis strain obtaining variable daily productivities, depending on the strain, between 0.3 and 0.5 g/L/day.

The system records the data from the resident probes like temperature, pH, air fl ow, coolant temperature and shows on/off lamps ststus. The system includes programmable allarms and is connected via wi-fi or ethernet cable to a standard PC, notebook or tablet. Lamps are controlled via “Dali” multilamp protocol. Maximum number of cylinder in a single jumbo cluster is 48. Multiple Jumbo clusters could be controlled with a SCADA software system on a big LCD dysplay. All functions like harvesting, refi lling, feeding, cleaning, testing etc... are fully automatic.

Microalgae biomass is automatically delivered to the larvae tanks by means of PE piping. Pumps are plastic air driven double membrane technology. All basic parametr like temperature, pH, air fl ow, luminosity, concentration are controlled and easily visible. Fitoplan® GR-J is available from 24 to 64 cylinders in a single cluster.

Fitoplan J-30, 2015


Main features
• up to 10 x 6 cylinders clusters
• Very High cells concentration
• Above 1 billion (1 x 109) cells per ml
• Drastic reduction of starter
• 2 x 250 W lamps power per reactor
• Up to 300 micro photons/s/m2
• Automatic pH control
• Automatic temeprature control
• Automatic safety lamps switch-off
• Stainless Stell AISI 316 serpentine
• pH digital instrument on board
• T digital instrument on board
• Automatic safety cut-off switch
• Separated electric switches
• HDPE pipes for water and air servicies
• Rilsan air dispersion ring
• 1 μm absolute air fi lter
• Stainless steel AISI 316 structure
• 400 V + Neutral power supply
• 3 kW each cluster of 6 cylinders
• Water chiller
• Cold water circulating pump and reservoir
• Air blower included
• Air valves included
• All probes included
• Marine certifi ed high performance PLC