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Fitoplan electronic

The Standard system has been further improved and the Electronic version released. The presence of a microprocessor and a software control has completely changed the construction of the cluster. Gone are the metal boxes containing the transformers, igniters are replaced by full electronic models that have higher efficiency and saves about 30% energy! A control software was added, allowing to turn off and turn on the lights, check the basic parameters such as:

  • pH and flow rate of CO2
  • Airflow
  • Temperature
  • On time of the lights
  • Concentration of the biomass

Lifetime of lamps
The duration of the lamps was still improved from 8,000 to about 12,000 hours, as reported by Osram. In addition, the electronic system checks the integrity of the lamps and switch them off if it overheats or in case failure. The PLC has a web server built in and a wi-fi server included. The connection to the system is very easy: the operator simply uses a tablet or a Smartphone without necessarily having to take to laptop.

Legislation on energy efficiency
The new Electronic system is the most advanced system available in the market for the production of photosynthetic biomass. It respects the rules of low power, 2006/95 / EC Machinery Directive, 2006/42 / EC, the new directive on the control of disturbances 2004/108 / EC and especially the new Energy Efficiency Directive, 2012/27 / EU, applied on electrical devices from 30/06/2014.

Electronic modules
There are several electronic modules on board of the system:
Temperature control: the system checks in real time the temperature of the biomass. In the case of malfunction that arises the temperature of the biomass above 25 ° C, the system will automatically turn off the lamps to prevent damage to the biomass. A digital thermometer shows the temperature of the biomass. The same data is shown graphically on the tablet
PH control: the system checks the quantity of CO2 which is added to the air by means of a solenoid valve in stainless steel. By controlling the flow of CO2, the pH of the biomass is changed. A digital instrument shows the pH value in real time.

Fitoplan electronic backside

The same data and visible on the tablet in graphical form.

Alarm module: if the pH exceeds pH 8 (cylinder to change), the system will issue an alarm signal
Airflow: The air flow is regulated by the main air valve. This parameter is very important: too high flow can produce large amounts of foam and excessive movement of the biomass. This data is displayed graphically on the tablet.
Density control: on request this module can be supplied in the form of density control. It 'a unique instrumentation available only on our systems. The density is visible in g / L or in millions of cells / ml.
PLC module: it was developed a specific software to allows you to control growth parameters. Data are available to be downloaded in the form of tables or graphically shown in real time. The module is equipped with a web server that transmits the main screen through a wi-fi server to tablets or smatphones. All data are visible in graphic form and it is possible to set alarms for each parameter.




  • 1 x 6 cylinders cluster
  • Very High cells concentration
  • Above 1 billion (1 x 109) cells per ml
  • Drastic reduction of starter
  • 2 x 250 W lamps power per reactor
  • Up to 300 micro photons/s/m2
  • Automatic pH control
  • Automatic temeprature control
  • Reactor volume: 97 litres, annular design
  • Automatic safety lamps switch-off
  • Stainless Stell AISI 316 serpentine
  • pH digital instrument on board
  • T digital instrument on board
  • Automatic safety cut-off switch
  • Separated electric switches
  • HDPE pipes for water and air servicies
  • Rilsan air dispersion ring
  • 1 μm absolute air filter
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 structure
  • Cluster size (cm): 220 x 110 x h:300
  • 400 V + Neutral power supply
  • 3 kW each cluster of 6 cylinders
  • Water chiller
  • Cold water circulating pump and reservoir
  • Air blower included
  • Air valves included
  • All probes included
  • Marine certified high performance PLC